Calling All Turtles: How to Train Your Turtle to Come When Called!


Have you ever wished your turtle could come when called? Well, with a little patience and some training, you can teach your shelled friend to respond to your voice! In this article, we will explore the basics of turtle training and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to train your turtle to come when called. Get ready to master the art of turtle recall!

Turtle Training 101: Teaching Your Shelled Friend to Come When Called!

Training your turtle to come when called may seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your pet. Start by choosing a unique word or sound that you will use to call your turtle. This will help your turtle differentiate between regular noises and the sound that signals it’s time to come to you.

Next, establish a positive association with the call by offering your turtle a treat whenever it responds to your voice. Use small, tasty treats like mealworms or bits of fruit to reward your turtle for coming when called. Be consistent with your training and practice regularly to reinforce the behavior. Remember to keep training sessions short and enjoyable to keep your turtle engaged and motivated.

Once your turtle starts coming to you reliably when called, gradually increase the distance between you and your pet to further challenge its recall abilities. You can also introduce distractions to test your turtle’s focus and obedience. With patience and persistence, your turtle will soon become a pro at responding to your call!

Mastering the Art of Turtle Recall: A Step-by-Step Guide to Training Your Turtle

To master the art of turtle recall, start by creating a safe and comfortable training environment for your pet. Make sure there are no potential hazards or distractions that could deter your turtle from focusing on your call. Use a gentle and encouraging tone when calling your turtle to create a positive and inviting atmosphere for training.

Practice calling your turtle at different times of the day to reinforce the behavior across various situations. Be patient and understanding if your turtle is slow to respond, as every turtle learns at its own pace. Remember to always reward your pet with treats and praise for a job well done to reinforce the desired behavior.

As you continue to train your turtle to come when called, you will build a strong bond with your pet based on trust and communication. Celebrate each small success along the way and keep a positive attitude throughout the training process. With dedication and love, you and your turtle will soon be enjoying the benefits of effective recall training!


In conclusion, training your turtle to come when called is a fun and rewarding experience that can strengthen the bond between you and your shelled friend. By following the steps outlined in this article and approaching training with patience and positivity, you can teach your turtle to respond to your voice reliably. So, gather your treats, pick a unique call, and get ready to train your turtle to come running at your beck and call!

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