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At Very Pretty Puppies, we are more than just a pet blog. We are a community passionate about animals, dedicated to providing useful information, practical advice and inspiring experiences so that all pet owners can fully enjoy the company of their best friend.

Our team of animal care experts, veterinarians, and pet lovers work every day to create high-quality content that addresses all aspects of life with your furry companion. From training and feeding tips to product and activity recommendations, at Very Pretty Puppies you’ll find everything you need to take the best possible care of your pet.

But Very Pretty Puppies is not just information. It’s also a community where you can share your experiences, ask questions, receive support, and connect with other pet lovers. In our forum you can find discussion groups about different breeds, share photos and videos of your furry friends, and even find new playmates for your pet.

We believe that the relationship between humans and animals is something unique and special. Therefore, our goal is to help you strengthen that bond, create a happy and healthy home for your pet and enjoy every moment you share together to the fullest.

Join our community at Very Pretty Puppies and discover a world of information, tips and experiences that will help you become the best pet parent your furry friend can have.

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